Welcome to Moto Nera

For me, fashion is not only art, but has been my passion ever since I was a young girl. In fact, one of my first words was “Macy’s” and that was coming from a baby that barely ever spoke.

Growing up, I expressed myself through my clothing, and would choose and accessorize my outfits every night before school. Besides that one year I was sent to catholic school and was forced to wear a boring, poor fitting uniform. I hated wearing the same outfit as everyone else so I would style my uniform to uniqueness, which led me strait to detention and back to public school the following year.

When it came time to go to college, it was a surprise to nobody that I ended up at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I studied Merchandising at first but then switched to entrepreneurship which is where I really flourished, not because I had flowers tattooed on my left arm but because I had my first opportunity to learn how to turn my passion into a career and create my own company. Turns out I was already an entrepreneur without even realizing it, being that during college I was making and selling and my own jewelry designs and promoting my style and designs on my blog. Now all I needed was more knowledge and experience in the industry until I felt ready enough to venture out on my own, for good.

A few years and a few more tattoos later, I am now able to finally call myself a fashion designer. And not only a fashion designer, but the brand creator and chief creative officer of Moto Nera. My lifelong vision is finally coming into fruition and it feels better than Italian leather.

Meet our team

Brianna Terlizzi

CCO/Brand Creator & Designer



Alicia Drelich