10 Ways to Stay Productive on a Rainy Day

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1. Read a “self help” book.

I wrote “self help” because the book doesn’t have to be the stereotypical self-help book that makes you journey deep inside your soul to enlightenment. It can be a book that simply helps you advance in your career. I am currently rereading Stephen King’s On Writing that I read half-assed in college. It can only improve my writing skills, right? We shall see (bear with me).

2. Start your novel.

Okay, okay, so this way to keep busy is definitely not geared toward everyone. But, who says you have to write a novel? You can write to-do lists, blog posts, itineraries for an upcoming event or just catch up on that paper work you’ve been putting off.

3. Watch something you’ve been meaning to, but never had the time for.

Shameless credit: Showtime.

Netflix is a godsend on a rainy day. There are so many great shows to get into. I would choose a series with a lot of drama so your tears will reflect the weather outside. Some of the greats include: The Walking Dead, Shameless, Lost, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad (which I still have yet to get into, maybe I’ll do that today).

4. It’s a perfect day to catch up on cleaning.

No one wants to clean when the sun is out. No one. Pick a rainy day to do some deep cleaning because I guarantee you won’t catch FOMO.

5. Go shopping (online, of course).

rainy day

Rainy days and shopping online go together like margaritas and tacos. To shop the look above, click here for the faux leather Carly Overall.

6. Work on your fitness.

What’s great about actually going to the gym is that no one will know if you’re profusely sweating or if you just got caught in the rain. It’s a win-win, especially if you run into the gym hottie. Don’t have the desire to leave the house? No problem, there are plenty of ways to exercise at home. Click here for one way to work out from home.

7. It’s time to DIY.

A rainy day is ideal to work on a DIY craft you’ve been putting off at home. Recently, my dad made his own corn hole boards for our shore house. Now, my mom is painting them to her liking on this rainy day. Not only is this a fun way to stay productive, but it’s also home improvement. Can’t wait for our first match of corn hole when the weather clears up!

8. Try a new recipe you found online.

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If there’s one thing that Chopped has taught me it’s that cooking can be fun. It also taught me that experimentation is a necessary step to greatness. I saved a bunch of recipes I found online hoping I’ll have the time to try them out and add my own culinary twist. Trying a new recipe is more than ideal on a rainy day because you have 24 hours to get it right. If you wanna start simple with the appetizer above, click here.

9. Update your resume or LinkedIn profile.

You can't help but reflect on your inner workings when it's gloomy out. One of those thoughts may be the fact that you're not happy at your current job. Job searching is a productive rainy day activity because you're trying to improve your current situation. Take the time today and update your resume because let's face it, we all slack on doing this once we become settled at our current place of work.

10. If all else fails, get drunk.

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This is pretty self explanatory, but I will explain myself regardless. If you complete everything on this list, or you just can't find the energy to do everything on this list, get wasted with your friends. There's nothing like a small get together dedicated to getting drunk on a rainy day. Bonus: playing drinking games like Kings helps you get wasted quicker.

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