On-The-Go Breakfast Hacks: Easy Tips For Your Morning Commute

We all have busy lives, and they usually begin at the crack of dawn when our eyes are struggling to open. If our eyes can't be bothered so early, it's definitely tougher to find the energy to make the "most important meal of the day." With that said, Moto Nera is here to provide some on-the-go breakfast hacks to make your morning just a little bit easier. Not to mention, more delicious in the process.

Breakfast Hack #1: Add Cereal To Your Coffee

Not only is this trick tasty, but it will save you time & clean-up in the morning when you're in a rush. As for what cereal to add to your coffee mug, I would stick with a plainer cereal like Special K. Another pro tip: you can prepare this the night before by putting your desired cereal in a zip-lock bag and just grabbing it on the way out with your portable thermos for coffee.

Breakfast Hack #2: Invest In A Keurig

Although this hack is the most expensive one... It is definitely worth it. It takes a total of two minutes in the morning to add water to your Keurig, pop in a K-cup & press the magic button to have hot coffee pour into your thermos to-go. Just make sure that you keep your Keurig clean & to replace the water if it sits too long.

Breakfast Hack #3: Make Toast More Interesting

Toast has got to be the easiest breakfast to make hands down. You just pop it in the toaster, wait a couple minutes & then spread butter or jelly to eat. This of course gets a bit boring to eat after awhile. To spice up a classic, try some of the options listed below:

1. Spread avocado on your toast with melted cheese on top. (Hot sauce is optional, but encouraged.)
2. Peanut or almond butter spread with banana slices.
3. Cream cheese spread with lox. (Add chopped scallions for a Japanese flair.)
Bonus Vegan Option: Use toasted Falafel bread instead & spread hummus on top.

All the above options only take a couple minutes out of your auto-piloted morning & are bound to keep you full until your lunch hour.

Leave a comment below & let us know what your on-the-go breakfast hacks are!

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