• When in Scottsdale: What to do when you visit this Arizona City

    Scottsdale is a trendy yet quaint city in the desert of Arizona. Immersed in beautiful mountains, it is a great weekend escape for most personalities. So great, that this is my second time blogging about it! Whether you are outdoorsy and looking to take spectacular hikes, a foodie urging to explore the cuisine of a new city or a fashionista looking to shop, Scottsdale pretty much has something to offer everyone. Here is what I did, what I wore and where I ate during my recent trip to Scottsdale, enjoy!

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  • Daily Harvest Review: Why You Need To Try This Food Delivery Service

    In recent months, a company called "Daily Harvest" has been popping up on my IG feed with pictures of super yummy looking smoothies. As a generally healthy eater & busy entrepreneur, I was curious and eager to try what I learned was a new food delivery service. It wasn't until a friend of mine started using Daily Harvest that I bit the bullet and finally tried it myself. Scroll down for my Daily Harvest Review and reasons why you need to try this food delivery service.


    If you are frequently on-the-go, this food delivery service is for you. Not only is it delivered rite to your door step, but each meal is packaged in an on-the-go container. Driving while eating is now so simple!

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    Here I am on my way to a boutique where I sell my clothing. I am sipping on the Cocoa + Avocado smoothie which was DELICIOUS! As I am writing this post, I am actually drinking my lunch, the Chocolate + Blueberry Smoothie which was equally as good.


    I LOVE having soup for dinner in the warmer temps. This Turmeric & Lemongrass Detox soup was to die for! I cannot wait to have it again. My second box just arrived today and I ordered mainly soups and smoothies, to keep my breakfasts and dinners super healthy as we approach the holidays.

    I have to be honest, I was not a fan of the chia pudding. However, in the defense of daily harvest I have had chia pudding before and did not like it. I think I simply do not like chia pudding in general!

    The best thing about this food is that 1) it is frozen and takes a few minutes (if that) to prepare when you are ready to eat it. 2) it is super healthy with all CLEAN ingredients in the meals. 3) I am gluten & dairy free as well as a pescatarian and so this service meets my deitary restrictions. I am very much so enjoying this food and am looking forward to trying the food I received just now!

    BONUS: copy & paste the URL below to receive 3 free cups on your first order!





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