Riding through life in style.


My name is Brianna Cantore Terlizzi, and I founded Moto Nera. Fresh out of The Fashion Institute of Technology, I found myself trying many different jobs in the design industry. At the same time, my love for online shopping began and so I decided to take a leap out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship. This brand initially launched in 2016 with a unisex streetwear line of clothing I designed and manufactured in LA.

Fast forward to 2023, I took some time away from Moto Nera in between to learn more and work for other brands. Turns out entrepreneurship is pretty hard, and I needed to do some more learning and growing. Today, my vision is to evolve Moto Nera into a brand for creative and unique individuals like myself. I enjoy creating clothing that is genderless and easy to wear, but I also like making other things, so the artwork assortment you will see popping up here. 

Moto Nera, meaning black motorcycle in Italian, is a brand that symbolizes movement. Like the name, Moto Nera is always moving and I am excited to see this brand flourish into something really cool.  

My core belief in life is to always help others that are less fortunate than myself. Therefore, one percent of every sale will be donated to Feed the Children, a leading anti-hunger organization. Each $1 donated provides $7 of food and life essentials for children and families.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you stay a while! 

Ciao XX BT

A few facts about the face behind Moto Nera

1. I love dogs; they provide me with so much love. My Cavalier King Charles, named Brooklyn, is my best friend.

2. I am a wanderer. I have traveled to many places and lived in a few fun cities, including New York and now Miami.

3. I have eaten plant-based (except fish and eggs) for about ten years. It's my way of life and my spirituality.

5. Fashion has always been my first love. I express confidence through a cool outfit that I put together.

6. I am an empath. I cry a lot and want to help make the world intrinsically beautiful.