Shop my closet, learn about new brands, and get inspired to elevate and infuse more trends into your wardrobe by reading our fashion blog. My goal is never to look like everybody else, but to put together outfits that are not only eye catching but that I feel great in. Explore your individuality and make it fashion with me!

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Your home should be your sanctuary, and just as pretty as you are. Gone are the days where we need a huge budget to create a home that looks and feels organized, calm, and luxurious. If you have a modern yet natural and cozy aesthetic, and have desires to elevate your oasis, than check out our interiod design blog for a look at my condo, my favorite home brands, and reno tips. 


A truly wandering soul, I have been blessed to travel often since I was a young girl. Because of my travel experience, and desire to see and do a lot in a short time period, I tend to organize my trips pretty well, even when it's my first time going somewhere. If you are looking for travel inspiration, recomendations, and even motivation to take a fab solo trip than check out our travel reads.  


I have been researching the body and the best way to take care of it ever since I was in my late teens to early twenties. My goal is always to get to the root problem of things, and treath my body with natural remedies that cure the problem. In our wellness blog I discuss all the things like my favorite workouts, acne remedies, my holistic health journey and more!